Scalzo Group Real Estate Services launched PROJECT RESTORATION in 2005 to bring together its entire organization, subcontractors, tradesmen and vendors to renovate a home for an area family that does not have the resources to do so on their own.  The breadth of the Scalzo Group of companies, the skills of our employees and our commitment to the community makes this project a natural choice for us.  Our goal is to, through this project, renovate homes and rebuild lives for those who truly are in need and to give back to the communities we serve.

Hollerbach Family

Eileen Hollerbach of Bethel was chosen as the inaugural 2005 project recipient.  A single mother of three, Eileen had worked hard to support her family and keep up with the maintenance on her 40+ year old home.  With electrical problems, mold issues and roof repairs desperately needed, Eileen submitted an application to be considered for Project Restoration.  When Paul Scalzo appeared on her doorstop, she was stunned to find out that she had been chosen.  “I am so shocked, this is just too wonderful to ever imagine could happen to my family” she said.

Watch a video highlighting the project.

The reveal

Hollerbach Family with Paul Scalzo

Zowine Family

In 2006 Scalzo Group Project Restoration changed the lives of the Zowine family of Bethel by renovating their home and improving their day-to-day lives. Marjorie, a paraprofessional for the Redding School System and part-time swim coach, who was the sole bread winner for this family. Henry, who was a successful CPA, and their son Zachary were both diagnosed with neurofibromatosis which had left them deaf & blind.  Sadly both passed away in 2007.

The Zowine Family

Scalzo Group Project Restoration is a 501 (c) (3) organization